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Ballarih is a contemporary humanist typography, including 16 fonts with 08 weights and italics. Characterized by a prominent x-height and excellent readability for both web and print. Ballarih contains 820 glyphs including tabular figures, ligatures, fractions, small caps, alternate glyphs, case-sensitive forms, superscripts, subscripts and extensive language support.

Typography Juarez Machado


A Juarez Machado é uma tipografia display que reproduz a escrita do artista plástico (Juarez Machado), desenvolvida para o Instituto Internacional Juarez Machado (Joinville | SC Brasil), composta de 615 glyphs, 06 fontes em dois estilos (line/solid) com pesos light, regular e bold.

Juarez Machado is a typography display that reproduces the writing of the plastic artist (Juarez Machado), developed for the International Institute Juarez Machado (Joinville | SC Brazil), composed of 615 glyphs, 06 fonts in two styles (line / solid ) with light, regular and bold weights… More

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Selma is a family of Sans Serif fonts with 492 Glyphs, 04 weight (Light, regular, medium and bold), with long stems, inspired by bar codes…

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LeftheriaPRO has its structure projected from the capitals of the Greek columns of Ionian order, it is a typography condensed with vertical emphasis…

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Tipografia Kareemah


Kareemah is a humanist typography, composed by roman and italics with 16 styles and 08 weights (800 glyphs).

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Tipografia Buozzi


08 – Fonts

Buozzi is a family composed of 08 typefaces, inspired by sketches and notes from the printer Paulista (Brazil) “Walter Buozzi” suitable for Editorial Design (books, magazines and newspapers). Read More


Tipografia Nautikka

New Nautikka

10 – Fonts

Nautikka, designed from the ocean waves, is a sans serif, both elegant and functional for Editorial Design, Visual Identities or digital applications. With 5 weights and variations in italics is a versatile source of great legibility.


Tipografia Hercílio


Hercílio is a typographic family without condensed serif, modern and geometric inspired by the architectural forms of the Hercílio Luz Bridge in Florianopolis | Brazil>>> Download Specimen


Development and customization typefaces, calligraphy and letterings.

Graphic Design

Visual identity, editorial design, promotional, creative design and focused on results


Where the skyline design and typography and concrete poetry meet.


J.Cortinove, mestre em comunicação, graduado em artes plásticas pela UNESP-SP, professor universitáriodesigner e typedesigner. Membro correspondente da Academia Bauruense de Letras. Publicou em 2008 o livro “Abre Aspas” e em 2016 “Roubadas de um Jardim. Apaixonado por Tipografia e Design dedica-se a

J. Cortinove, master in communication, graduate in plastic arts from UNESP-SP, university professor of design and typedesigner. Corresponding Member of the Bauruense de Letras Academy. Published in 2008 the book “Opens Quotes” and in 2016 “Stolen from a Garden. In love with Typography and Design is dedicated to